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Fitch puts UK AAA rating on credit watch negative – CBS News

Fitch puts UK AAA rating on credit watch negative – CBS News

Bank of England / Oli Scarff/Getty Images Fitch puts UK AAA rating on credit watch negative – CBS News

UK Eliminates AIM Tax — Could Help Tech Entrepreneurs – Forbes

UK Eliminates AIM Tax — Could Help Tech Entrepreneurs – Forbes

UK Tech Scene Tries To Get Its Act Together Karsten Strauss Forbes Staff Former Facebook VP Wants to Make Tech Startups Cool in the UK Karsten Strauss Forbes Staff The World’s Top 4 Tech Capitals To Watch (after Silicon Valley and New York) Karsten Strauss Forbes Staff Can Europe Break the IPO Slump? Karsten Strauss […]

US and UK public reject stronger military support for Syrian rebels – The Guardian

Americans and Britons are deeply sceptical about the idea of arming Syria‘s rebels and the possibility of sending western troops into the country, according to a bilateral poll. Despite the escalating civil war, growing casualty figures and a rising tide of refugees flooding out of Syria, there is little appetite for more robust action than […]

UK gas wholesale price rises 50% to new high after pipeline shutdown – The Guardian

UK gas wholesale prices shot up by more than 50% to a record high, after the pipeline pumping gas between Britain and Belgium shut down unexpectedly due to a technical fault. The operator of the pipeline said: “The fault has been identified and we are seeking to rectify the problem. We remain unable to flow […]

Amazon tax petition hits 100000 signatures – The Guardian

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition launched by an independent bookseller calling on Amazon “to pay their fair share of tax in the UK” and warning the online retail giant that “the unfair advantage that your tax dodge gives you is endangering many UK high street businesses”. Booksellers Frances and Keith Smith, who […]

IFS warns of £9bn tax rises after election – The Guardian

Tax rises of up to £9bn – equal to a 2p increase in the basic rate of income tax – could be imposed after the next general election to limit further cuts in public spending, experts warned on Thursday. The scale of the spending cuts scheduled for 2015 in George Osborne‘s budget will be so […]

Chinua Achebe dies, aged 82 – The Guardian

Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian novelist seen by millions as the father of African literature, has died at the age of 82. African papers were reporting his death following an illness and hospital stay in Boston this morning, and both his agent and his publisher later confirmed the news to the Guardian. Simon Winder, publishing director […]

Chancellor, who halved growth forecast to 0.6%, refuses to agree with OBR that … – The Guardian

George Osborne has conceded that he is not making “as much progress” as anyone would like in bringing down the national deficit. The chancellor, who halved the UK’s growth forecasts for the year ahead to 0.6% in the budget, told the BBC Today programme on Thursday that “we’ve not made as much progress as anyone, […]

Snow forecast to further delay UK spring – The Guardian

There will see no let-up in the bad weather over the weekend, with snow across much of Britain and possible flooding in the south-west. The Met Office issued a severe weather warning with predictions of 10-15cm (4-6 ins) of snow possible in the north Midlands, north-east Wales and north-west England. Higher ground could get 20-40cm, […]

Help to Buy scheme: how it will work – The Guardian

One of the big surprises of the budget was the chancellor’s announcement of a homebuying scheme called Help to Buy. What is the Help to Buy scheme? Help to Buy will take two forms: one part offers buyers the opportunity to take an interest-free loan from the government; the other sees the government acting as […]